Offical Artwork
First Appearance: Hebereke

Latest Appearance: O-Chan No Oekaki Logic series

Species: Ghost

Voice: Norio Wakamoto

Sukezaemon is one of the main protagonists in the Hebereke series. Throughout the series, he speaks in medieval fashion and occasionally says "Titter, Titter."


Sukezaemon is a white ghost that wears a red/pink hat with white wings on the sides of the hat. He wears black sunglasses, which is why his name was changed to Shades" in Ufouria: The Saga.


In the Hebereke games, Sukezaemon is seen with many abilities. He can use his eyeballs to target enemies on screen by stocking them, can use his hammer to smash players, and can teleport around a area, and can heal himself by drinking tea, as seen in Sugoi Hebereke.


  • Sukezaemon's name is changed to Shades in Ufouria: The Saga. In addition to that, he is one of two characters to not get his sprite changed in Ufouria: The Saga, the other being Jennifer (Gils)
  • Norio Wakamoto, the voice actor for Sukezaemon, Utsuzin, and Unyoon is a highly known anime voice actor.