Offical Artwork
First Appearance: Hebereke

Latest Appearance: O-Chan No Oekaki Logic series

Species: Cat/Human

Voice: Mika Kanai

O-chan is one of the main protagonists in the Hebereke series. She has her own spin off series, O-Chan No Oekaki Logic. O-Chan in the first Hebereke game acts like she is a queen and that Sukezaemon and Jennifer are her partners. In addition to that, O-Chan has a castle, which is constantly used in many games as stages.


O-Chan is a human with black (Hebereke/Sugoi Hebereke) or blue (Hashire Hebereke) hair who is dressed up like a orange cat, much like Pen-Chan who is dressed up like a penguin. She has shiny eyes and has a light white center. In Ufouria: The Saga, O-Chan's changed sprite, Freeon-Leon is a dinosaur like creature who has a lot of similar characteristics to her, but has big white eyes, a a white spike on his head, and when hurt, he has a different Sprite.

O-Chan No Oekaki LogicEdit

O-Chan is the main character in a Hebereke spin-off series, O-Chan no Oekaki Logic. The game uses the same mechanics like Mario Picross, but is all Hebereke theme and was released on more consoles. The series consists of 4 games on a variety of consoles like the Super Famicom, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Wonderswan, and Mobile Phones.


O-Chan has a variety of moves that are seen throughout many games. She can cast a blow of ice breath to freeze her enemies and partners, can spin on her body in many directions, and can sing, but is seen as horrible.


  • In Hebereke, O-Chan has black hair when she gets hurt. But during O-Chan's ending in Hashire Hebereke, she has blue hair when she reveals it to Hebe.
  • In addition to that, there's a very similar enemy in the first game that looks like O-Chan, except that the enemy's face can't be seen, tries to attack the player with a spear, and can be located in the water areas. The enemy's name is unknown.
  • Mika Kanai, the voice actress for O-Chan is a well known anime voice actress.