Offical Artwork
First Appearance: Hebereke

Latest Appearance: O-Chan No Oekaki Logic series

Species: Angler Fish

Voice: Shigeru Chiba

Jennifer is one of the main protagonists in the Hebereke series. His behavior in Hebereke is he acts like the tough guy of the game and he often becomes stomach sick very easily whenever he gets hurt or if he gets a game over, which he spits out a whole pile of mucus. The idea of being the tough guy is ditched in later games and despite having a girl's name, he's actually a male.


Jennifer is a green angler fish who has a yellow antenna and has a white center.


Jennifer has a whole variety of moves. He can spit out a bomb from his mouth and will explode in the process. He can also do a electric attack to electrocute and paralyze foes.


  • In Ufouria: The Saga, his name was changed to Gils.
  • Shigeru Chiba, the voice actor for Jennifer and Booboodori, is a highly known anime voice actor.
  • Jennifer is one of two main characters to not get his sprite changed in Ufouria: The Saga, the other one being Sukezaemon.